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Monday, March 20, 2006


So, probably none of you know this, but my other passion, aside from music, is the internet, and emerging new technologies and design therein. Recently I heard about a new website that I wanted to tell you all about here, because I think it's something that all of us as both music enthusiasts and music organizers and creators can benefit from. The site I'm referring to is called Eventful.

Eventful is a web application set up to help us create, promote and find events of any kind, and it comes in particularly handy for creating and organizing shows of any kind. Bands, concert promoters, even venues can use Eventful to set up informational pages about a show. This seems like a better solution to the Myspace events, which I have used before, but I think a lot of people find aggravating. Check out this Eventful posting for a Cordero show at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. Cordero played at 123 a year or more back, if I recall. You can see that there are links to the band, their label, maps showing how to reach the venue, quotes about the band, and one of my favorites, a series of tags describing the event which you can customize. So if you move to a city, you can do a search for rockabilly tags or krautrock tags or whatever floats your fancy, and it'll provide you with results tailored to your interests. The database that Eventful uses is open to anyone to use, and some enterprising dudes have even created an application called Podbop which finds all the bands coming to your city and finds free MP3s from their websites and downloads them so you can sample who you will be able to see in the coming weeks. That is if people use it.

Eventful is very new and not everyone has been taking advantage of it yet. In Morgantown I've only found listings for events at WVU's Creative Arts Center. Club Cafe in Pittsburgh (where I caught Cinerama once and will hopefully be catching Thomas Dolby very soon) has begun using Eventful to advertise their shows. In Charleston if I wanted info on the Nickelback show, I'd be good to go. So let's start filling this with actual content whicih interests us! I'm making an event for Friday's Mayday! and posting it there. Click here to go to it and check it out. Obviously you know what we do at Mayday!, but I do want to plug my friend Nate's band Camera, who will be playing with us. They're from Pittsburgh, and they've been touring extensively throughout the East Coast. They just released a new album, recorded with, I believe, someone who produced the White Stripes. They have a kind of bouncey, mod indie rock / pop sound. I think if you dig the Emergency you'll find something there to like. But don't take my word, check out their Myspace page if you want to hear them for yourself.

UPDATE: Almost forgot to mention one *very* cool function of Eventful. It has a 'Demand' section where you can request a band or event come to your town. So maybe if we all go on there and demand that, say Gang of Four come to Morgantown, well if there's enough demand maybe they will?

Lastly I wanted to mention, which is a site maintained by the Charleston Gazette. I think the Gazz is an effort to appeal to a younger, hipper audience. But seriously, it's worth looking at and seeing how they're covering the live music scene in Charleston. I'm sure we could pull off something just as sllick if we did it as our day job. Anyone want to start paying us salary?


  • At 3/21/2006 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what're you telling me pennington? that now that i finally got off my ass and made an '85 Flood myspace page, it's already obsolete? damn you technology! damn you!

  • At 3/21/2006 11:07 AM, Blogger Penningtron said…

    Haha. One step at a time, Aaron. I don't think anyone else besides me is using this yet. You've got some time left to slack yet.


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